Plan Your Shopping Trip on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria Island

When you begin to plan your getaway to Anna Maria Island, you should include a visit to Pine Avenue. Pine Avenue is where you can go to visit many of the local restaurants, gift shops, clothing stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, and dessert shops. With so many things to see and do on Pine Avenue, it is no wonder it is the most visited street on Anna Maria Island! 

pine ave street

Since it is located near the Rod and Reel Pier, Anna Maria City Pier, and Bayfront Park, you’ll likely pass by Pine Avenue before or after visiting these attractions. With the variety of specialty shops, clothing stores, and small boutique-style shops, it’s the ideal place to go when you’re looking for unique items to take home. Perhaps you’re shopping for yourself or for others. You’re sure to find something that is sure to grab your attention down on Pine Avenue. It certainly won’t be a wasted visit! Most of the visitors who visit this part of Anna Maria Island do so specifically for the amount of shopping that is offered in one area of the island.

What to Expect When Visiting Pine Avenue

There are a lot of fun things to do on Pine Avenue. You’ll discover a host of restaurants which appeal to practically everybody. If you can’t find what you want to eat on Pine Avenue, you won’t find it anywhere! This is a family friendly area, which is another reason it attracts so many visitors. 

anna maria island historical jail

You and the whole family can visit the Anna Maria Historic Society where you’ll learn about the history of the island. While visiting the Historic Society, you can see where the former jail was located, learn about the first families that settled on Anna Maria Island and see old artifacts that can only be found at the museum. You won’t want to miss the chance to the Belle Haven cabin that literally fell into the bay and was later retrieved and restored! The Anna Maria Historic Society is the perfect place to go when you want a quick break from shopping. 

When on Pine Avenue, be sure to head east to the historic Green Village. It is the newest addition to the area, and it is powered by green technology and renewable energy. While there, visit the Anna Maria General Store and pick up something to eat now or later; you can even take your food to eat at one of the area’s nearby parks, Bayfront Park. 

Eating & Drinking on Pine Avenue

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If you are planning to spend your day enjoying Pine Avenue, there will be no shortage of places to eat and drink. The appeal of many of the restaurants and cafés is that they are owned by local residents of the island, which means that they offer specialty dishes that you won’t find elsewhere. If you are interested in seafood, Italian, Mexican, or American food fare, you can find it on Pine Avenue! 

Perhaps you want to go for a picnic and pick up some quick; pop into one of the small cafes, as they often have prepackaged food items specifically for this purpose. If you are interested in sitting down and enjoying a meal with your family before you are off on your next excursion, there are a variety of sit-down restaurants that cater to families. Prices range from inexpensive to modest. You’ll never spend too much to dine or drink on Pine Avenue on Anna Maria Island. 

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