Anna Maria Island Couple Activities

There is nothing better than a couple’s getaway to reconnect with the one that you love. Why not consider Anna Maria Island for an intimate escape.

You and your beloved are sure to enjoy connecting on the beautiful white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island.

Couple on the beach in Anna Maria Island

Nature for Lovers

If you and your beau enjoy spending time in nature, there are numerous gems throughout Anna Maria Island just waiting to be explored. Bean Point is a must visit as it is the perfect place to enjoy the island in a more intimate manner.

This beach haven is located on the northern part of Anna Maria Island. Thus, it can be somewhat secluded making it the perfect spot to take long, peaceful walks on the beach, view gorgeous sunsets and marvel at the local marine life.

You and your love should consider visiting one of several nature preserves. The Robinson Nature Preserve makes for an interesting day trip where the two of you can explore the numerous trails and stroll over numerous bridges while getting glimpses of all types of birds, insects, wildlife and plants indigenous to the area. While at Robinson Nature Preserve, take a hike out to the lookout tower where you and your sweetheart will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Anna Maria Island.

Sunrise over Bean Point in Anna Maria Island

Enjoying the Beach

A couple’s getaway to Anna Maria Island is not complete without spending time on the beach. If you really want to enjoy the beach to the fullest, consider Anna Maria Island houses for rent right against the water. This way, you’ll get to wake up to the beach for your entire trip.

Consider a picnic on the beach at sunset. You pack all of your favorites to eat and head out to a secluded part of the beach where you both can enjoy each other’s company while watching the sunset. Horseback riding on the beach is another great idea. There are several companies. The most popular is likely Great World Adventures’ BeachHorses.

The small crew offers horseback riding experiences by the hour, with special excursions down by the local dunes. Horseback riding on the coasts and the surrounding waters of Anna Maria Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you both will always remember.

A dolphin tour is another fantastic activity to enjoy as a couple. You can take a private boat tour out to popular dolphin “hangouts.” You can also take a low-key ecotour. Book a dolphin tour using a kayak or paddle boat so that you both can get up close and personal with the dolphin!

Love and Adventure

Anna Maria Island is the perfect place to make wonderful memories. Take a walk on the wide side with some adventurous activities. Parasailing is a wonderful way to explore Anna Maria Island as a couple. You both will be high in the sky enjoying an aerial view of the sea-green waters beneath you. What an amazing experience to have with someone special!

If soaring above the waters of Anna Maria Island isn’t daring enough, consider snorkeling. There are several local companies that offer snorkeling experiences, such as Egmont Key Adventures. You and your beloved will get to explore the gulf waters, seeing schools of fish and coral reefs to old ruins and abandoned islands, snorkeling is a romantic adventure, every time.

When you set up your Anna Maria Island lodging, forgo a traditional car rental for a beach buggy. Driving a beach buggy during your stay is a great way to really explore the island. You both will enjoy feeling the warm breeze on your skin as you travel throughout the island. Simple things like buying groceries for your vacation are much more fun when you’re in a beach buggy. Easily go from sand to street without skipping a beat.

Make your couples getaway to Anna Maria Island one you’ll always remember with fun, exciting activities for two.