Why Are Vacation Rentals Better Than A Hotel for An Anna Maria Island Family Vacation?

When deciding to go on vacation, one of the hardest decisions to make is where to stay with your family. For starters, people often look at social media reviews of various hotels to determine if they want to stay there. For larger families that may need larger spaces, it’s quite likely those people may look at short-term rentals. However, vacation rentals are truly the best option! Vacation rentals provide families with a number of features that will not be found elsewhere.

Privacy and Security

To start with, vacation rentals are so much more secure and private than a hotel. With hotels, anyone can walk in off the street and walk right up to your room. That individual could potentially even gain access to your room when housekeeping is cleaning by pretending to be you. With a vacation rental, this simply does not happen. May rentals are in a gated community that only designated people may enter. Additionally, no one else will have access to your vacation rental besides you. You never need to worry about anyone walking in!

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Save Money

Vacation rentals can save you a ton of money in a number of ways! Depending on how large your party is, you run the potential to have to rent two or three hotel rooms. One vacation rental could accommodate a big family like that saving you on rooming costs. With hotels, every meal must be eaten out as there are no refrigerators or kitchens. Vacation rentals often come with fully equipped kitchens allowing you to cook every meal in your rental. Even for a couple, this can save a lot of money. For a whole family, you could spend that money on a whole other vacation!

Less Community Contact Points

Since the onset of COVID-19, community contact points have become an increasingly common point of contention among travelers. When booking with a hotel, you have to interact with multiple front desk workers as your check-in and check-out as well as cleaning staff each day. With a vacation rental, many rentals will allow a digital check-in for less community contact points. Since you are the cleaning staff, you have the potential to interact with no one during your stay. For those looking to keep to themselves, this is a fantastic option. For those looking to minimize their risk, vacation rentals are also a wildly popular option.

Book with Confidence and Flexibility

The bad thing about hotels is that booking with one feels uncertain. You’re never quite sure what the state of your room will be. It leaves you wondering and second guessing yourself until the moment that you enter your assigned room. With a vacation rental, you know exactly what you are booking. Vacation rentals often feature detailed pictures of your handpicked vacation rental which allows you to book with extreme confidence. As well, hotels often don’t allow flexibility. If you need to cancel or change your booking date, hotels often won’t allow you leaving you on the hook for the bill. With vacation rentals, flexibility is a common feature. If you need to cancel or change your date, it’s as easy as contacting the rental company. Book with complete confidence in mind!

Feel Like A Local

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Hotels are tourist centers. Everyone staying at the hotel is most likely from out of town and either located by the airport or near major tourist attractions. Vacation rentals, on the other hand, make you feel like a local. Not only are you staying in a fully functional condo or home, but you are living among locals! Nothing signifies you as a tourist! You are in a local neighborhood near local restaurants and attractions. It not only gives your trip a more authentic feel but allows your wallet to relax as well by not paying tourist pricing.

When trying to decide where to stay on your next trip, vacation rentals are the clear winner! From saving money to privacy to security, and more, vacation rentals are an amazing option. If you’re looking to book today, why not book with us? Here at Anna Maria Island Rentals, our amazing staff is ready to help you! Contact us to book your vacation rental today!