Everything You Need to Know About AMI Adventure Rentals

With much of the world finally starting to return to some semblance of normalcy, many people are genuinely itching to get out and explore areas that they may have never ventured to before. While many will head to tropical destinations far away, we believe that Florida is a unique area that will offer you the same experience as any tropical locale. 

Of course, we are talking about Anna Maria Island. Located on the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the luscious white sands that you would expect in a dream vacation setting, Anna Maria Island has all of the natural beauty that you could want. Whether you are looking for an incredible place to enjoy some beach time, or perhaps you are hoping to take in as much of the island culture as possible, we believe that Anna Maria Island is going to be the place for you. 

The best part about Anna Maria Island is all of the entertaining things to do while you are here. We know that packing for a vacation means packing light and only bringing the necessities, and we believe that should be true about Anna Maria Island vacation-goers. Luckily, our partners at AMI Adventure Rentals have you covered for any vacation need! 

What is AMI Adventure Rentals?

anna maria island beach

AMI Adventure Rentals is your one-stop shop for any rental you could ask for while enjoying your time on Anna Maria Island. Whether you are looking for a mode of transportation to get you around the island or perhaps some equipment to take to the beach, AMI Adventure Rentals has you covered for reasonable prices and has incredible customer service teams ready to set you up for a fantastic vacation.

Activities & Rental Information

As we said, AMI Adventure Rentals is ready to help you with any rental needs that you may have. They cover various categories, including transportation rentals, guided tours and activities, beach items, and even baby items! They are indeed your one-stop for everything that you will need to take in every part of Anna Maria Island truly. 

Golf Carts

With many people vacationing from out of town and not wanting to bring their vehicles along with them, we believe that golf carts are the solution. Why rent an expensive rental car when a golf cart is more than adequate to get you around from one end of the island to the other? AMI Adventure Rentals has a large assortment of lifted and standard golf carts available for rental, and they are perfect for getting around the island and traveling between beaches!

bike on the anna maria island beach

Bike Rentals

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more physical in travel while you are on vacation. For a great way to stay in shape and still be able to see the entirety of the island, we suggest checking out AMI Adventure Rentals’ assortment of bikes. We believe that the best way to take in the island truly is from the seat of your bike. Bikes allow you to leave the beaten path and explore more of the island than you could by car or cart. 

Beach Items

Whether you are looking for some sand toys for your kids or some lounge chairs for yourself, AMI Adventure Rentals has a vast assortment of various beach items that you might need during your stay on the island. Many people take full advantage of the beach canopy rentals, which allow them to enjoy the beach but avoid too much sun exposure. AMI Adventure Rentals also has watersport equipment rentals available, including kayaks and paddleboards!

baby walking on the anna maria island beach

Baby Items

We believe that vacations should be about the entire family enjoying themselves, including your little ones, and AMI Adventure Rentals will have all of your baby’s needs taken care of with their variety of baby items available for rent. So whether you are looking for baby gates for your incredible Anna Maria Island vacation rental or a stroller that will help you out on the beach, they are ready with everything you might need to take care of your kids. 

Car Services

What better way to enjoy your time on the island than using the AMI Adventure Rentals’ car service? You will feel like a superstar being picked up in one of their sleek cars, which will transport you and your family from the Tampa airport to Anna Maria Island. In addition, the car service can be booked for other trips in areas off the island, providing you book within their operating window period. 

Boat Rentals

With a boating license in your hand, the waters surrounding Anna Maria Island are yours to explore freely with AMI Adventures Rentals boat rental opportunities. You and your family can be out cruising the waterways of Anna Maria Island, taking in a wide variety of spectacular beaches, enjoying delicious food from various locations, and just enjoying your time on the open water! Of course, if you’d rather have your guide on the boat, that can be arranged as well.

Fishing Charter

man fishing on anna maria island boat

Whether you are an experienced angler or someone who is just looking to test out fishing for the first time, we highly recommend booking a fishing charter during your time on Anna Maria Island. The waters around the island and further out in the Gulf are some of the best fishing spots in all of Florida. You can enjoy catching tarpon, red snapper, grouper, and even hook a marlin. The charters leave at various times during the day; however, we believe that some of the best fishing is in the early morning or early evening hours when the waters are less busy. 

Private Activities & Tours

For something a little more secluded, perhaps even romantic, many private activities and tours can be booked for areas around the island. We highly recommend checking out the private sunset boat cruise for a truly romantic experience. You will explore the waterways surrounding the island and enjoy an utterly unencumbered view of the sunset over the Gulf. You can even hire a private chef to accompany you and make it a truly magical experience!

Guided Activities & Tours

Whether you are looking to soar through the skies on a parasailing tour, partake in some relaxing paddleboard yoga, or watch dolphins play in the wake of the boat, there are some genuinely incredible guided activities and excursions that can be booked through AMI Adventure Rentals. The entire family can participate in many of the activities and tours, and we recommend that they do! First, the kids will love a beach horseback riding experience, and then later, everyone can relax during a public sunset tour.

Where to Stay

With so many amazing things to do and see on Anna Maria Island, we believe you will need a fantastic rental property to call your home-away-from-home during your stay here. Regardless of the size of your travel party, we have some incredible rental properties available that will suit everyone’s needs. So all you need to do is contact us today and let our fantastic team get you booked in for your next Anna Maria Island vacation!