Burger Restaurants on Anna Maria Island

Nothing is better than going to a restaurant in Anna Maria Island, grabbing a seat on the beach, and taking a bite of a delicious, mouth-watering burger. Offering a plethora of options, Anna Maria Island offers no shortage of options guaranteed to satisfy even the strongest burger lover.

burger and fries

Skinny’s Place

Making each order fresh, Skinny’s Place is a long-standing tradition in Anna Maria Island. Established in 1952, founder Carl “Skinny” Freeman created a burger that ensured his establishment would stand the test of time. Patrons can order a single (Skinny) burger, a double (Fatty) burger, a triple (The G3) burger, or even the Mid Island Pounder burger which contains four patties! These mouth-watering burgers are crafted with the fixings on the side.

For some delectable sides, choose from onion rings, classic or curly fries, tater tots, chips, or even a side of chili. Once you’re done, wash it down with one of the numerous alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks that Skinny’s has to offer. If you can’t finish your Mid Island Pounder, simply ask for a to-go box! Don’t feel bad as Skinny’s recycles and uses eco-friendly products when available.

Harry’s Grill

Voted Best Burger on the Island in 2019 and 2020, Harry’s Grill has earned a reputation for a burger that cannot be beat! Order up your choice of burger with Seashore fries, Harry’s slaw, or Island rice as your side. If you’re feeling super hungry, why not go for Harrys’ Pounder with Cheese? This burger is a full pound of beef and four cheese slices served on a toasted ciabatta bun guaranteed to satisfy your craving!

harrys burger

As a tribute to their mascot, business namesake, and rescued pet, Harry’s Grill invites anyone named Harry or Harrietta to visit. If you can prove your name, you’ll get one free draft beer of your choice in memory of their beloved coati mundi Harry. It’s one of the coolest and most laid-back burger restaurants in Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the Pier

Located on the famous Bridge Street Pier, Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the Pier (AMOB) is a waterfront destination for those looking for a delicious burger! This restaurant serves up a pure ½ pound angus beef burger with all the fixings. It’s been rumored that people’s mouths water as soon as they see it on the menu.

After satisfying your burger craving, AMOB has a wonderful dessert selection including key lime tarts and the ever popular Dippin Dots Ice Cream! Finish your meal off right with one of these desserts and truly take care of the mouthwatering you’ve been experiencing.

Slim’s Place

Slim’s Place is a true Philadelphia sports bar located in the heart of Anna Maria Island. Voted as the number one sports bar in Anna Maria Island, Slim’s has a reputation that can’t be beaten. Be sure to stop by and try “The Slim” for a truly local experience. Bring your appetite though as this is an 8oz burger loaded with gouda cheese, bacon, crispy onion straws, and all the toppings!

If you’re still hungry after this delicious burger, why not try some of Slim’s award-winning lobster mac and cheese? Made with smoked gouda and truffle oil, this mac and cheese is a great compliment to any burger and is sure to leave you feeling stuffed!

burger with bacon

Eat Here

Billing themselves as a different sort of experience, Eat Here uses clipboards for menus, mixed silverware for service utensils, and home-style kitchen towels for napkins. The ambiance lends to the feeling that you may just be eating at home or even at a friend’s house. What separates Eat Here from your friend’s house is the burger!

Eat Here offers a black angus burger nestled between a delicious brioche bun. The burger is chef-treated and topped with melted cheddar cheese to give it a mouthwatering finish. This burger is paired with homemade house potato salad to, once again, make you feel like you might just be at home.

With so many different choices in Anna Maria Island for a good burger, it can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is just take it one restaurant a meal. Sample all the delectable burgers that Anna Maria Island has to offer and leave fuller than what you came.