Anna Maria Island Weather

For many, spending some time away from home is what makes a good vacation. But, what can make for an even better vacation is heading somewhere with some more comfortable weather. That’s where a trip away to Anna Maria Island can be the perfect option for a winter getaway.

The weather in Anna Maria Island is balmy and beautiful nearly the entire year. This makes it a wonderful option if you’re looking to get away from some of the more frigid temperatures up north.

Weather Anna Maria

Average Temperatures

Anna Maria Island Florida weather holds a year-round average of about 75 degrees. In the summer, temperatures are a little higher, averaging around 80 degrees. And even though the winter weather on Anna Maria Island can sometimes be a bit cooler, it’s still warm enough generally to enjoy all the outdoor activities the area has to offer. You’ll still be able to take a walk along the shoreline, kayak, and explore many of the beautiful natural attractions of the island.

On, and In, the Water

The beachside wind chill shouldn’t scare you away. AMI can provide perfect weather for catching some rays. You’ll likely be able to enjoy a day sitting by the pool or even on the beach as the weather in December can be anywhere between 60 to 70 degrees, with lower dips in the 50’s. Bright a light jacket to prepare and enjoy- the sun will probably still be out in the heart of the winter.

However, if you’re looking to actually get in the water, you might want to hold off. The Gulf of Mexico can cool down dramatically as the winter months approach. It’s better to stick to a heated pool if you’re looking to get in some swimming time.

Winter Anna Maria

Winter Things to Do

One of the best things about the sensational temperatures on Anna Maria Island in the wintertime is the opportunity to experience your favorite holiday activities without the fear or frostbite or a snowstorm. Imagine singing Christmas carols or looking at light displays without shivering and bundling up in layers.

You can even cozily enjoy New Years Eve outside. On Anna Maria Island, you’ll be able to wear your favorite summertime outfit to watch the ball drop without chattering teeth the entire time. The balmy weather in Anna Maria Island can definitely provide some unique opportunities to make your vacation even more special and exciting than you may have thought before.

Although there are some hiccups in the winter months, sometimes the summer months on Anna Maria Island can be just as unpredictable. Just like anywhere else, Anna Maria Island Florida weather can change quickly.

The biggest hurdle in the summer months is the rainfall. Some months have seen upwards of 7 inches of rain, and it can vary from month to month or even week to week. When a rain shower comes through, it can cool things down considerably. So, you may want to pack a rain jacket or a light sweatshirt just in case you get caught in one of those famous Anna Maria Island sun showers.

Regardless of what season you plan your vacation for, the weather is sure to give you a handful of lovely days to explore everything from your Anna Maria vacation rental. You’ll almost always be able to take a stroll on the beach, enjoy a cocktail on an outdoor patio, or sit by the pool. This is the magic of Florida island living. You get the winter without the winter. You get a family getaway for the season that only requires a light jacket and a smile.